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for the presentation. >> car sharing is crucial to san francisco and this is a modest pilot program to try on shrieked car sharing and we appreciate -- to try on the streetcar sharing. that's all i have to say unless there are questions and we appreciate the presentation as well. supervisor cohen: i'm just curious -- i understand, we spoke about this pilot program and i'm very excited about it. i would like to know which sites will be place in the southeast part of san francisco. >> as we define the ideal spots, we will be reaching out to define spots. we hope to at the end of six months to have the city wide pilot program in all the district supervisor locations.
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but we want to make sure the spots are visible to people. we don't want them to be in a spot where there will be -- we want to put the spots where there will be visible demand. that will be during the six month pilot. supervisor cohen: what are the tangible next steps? once this hearing is complete, what -- what do you need? >> hopefully the full board will take action tomorrow. the m.t.a. board is taking action on august 2nd to do the code changes. in the middle of august, will go forward with these five spots. in the next six months, we will be working to develop the full program and we will be working with your office is to establish additional spots. >> where are these five spots located? >> we just had a map up. russian hill, lower pacific
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heights, and the mission neighborhoods as a start. right there. those are the first five spots. it is critical to understand what happens with street sweeping, what would happen in commercial districts and do the work better than residential districts? this pilot will help educate us in terms of the program so when we launch in your neighborhood, we will have lessons learned from the pilot. supervisor cohen: the purpose of the pilot program is to test your theory. for what reason are there not any spots in the southeast part of san francisco in order to test your theory? >> i could have the city administrator's office speak to that but these spots were selected with city car share and
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they could speak to the criteria. supervisor cohen: i look forward to that. >> good afternoon. i'm with the city administrator's office and to address your question, we were working with a car share company to identify locations suitable for this pilot. this location was chosen in collaboration with the car share company. supervisor cohen: how well do they know san francisco? >> we are working with them as part of the vehicles for the city contract for the city vehicle -- a city employee use and the location, we're trying to identify locations where there are gaps in their coverage in those areas that were identified with the collaboration of that office.
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supervisor cohen: there is a series of criteria you used to evaluate which neighborhoods would get one of the five initial car spots, right? and curious to know because i don't think you contacted my office and i don't understand the criteria that she used, but once again it appears we're left out the map. -- left off the map. i do is see anything south of the mission district. how -- i don't see anything south of the mission district. how do you expect to meet adequate demand if you don't even set up with an adequate benchmark? >> the idea is to find gaps in the current support system whereby vehicles are not currently available in those neighborhoods.
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working with the car share companies and other partners to try to find locations where we can put these locations and those locations ratified as well as in puts from the san francisco and ca. -- san francisco and t a -- san francisco mta. supervisor cohen: i just want to put on the record that i am frustrated. once again, southeaster neighborhoods are left off the table, no discussion, no consideration and i will not be voting for this. supervisor mar: i just pulled up the city car share map and it does seem that the southeast sector is willfully -- woefully
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misrepresented and park side has almost nothing. i also saying around park merced -- it is the southwest part of the city and my hope as you work with the supervisors to look at citywide -- at least in the richmond district, you have six or seven sites, but not in that outer richmond. my hope is by looking a pilot projects like this you can help figure out how to expand and raise the awareness in other areas of the city and not just central areas you currently are located late. i appreciate supervisor cohen's comments. my understanding is with the pilot program, four of them are in district 3 areas where there is clear demand and the others are chosen in areas where there is clear demand for city car share, but that is my understanding. pfft supervisor cohen: when we are talking about clear demand
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-- in order for anything to be clear, it has to be bought about, there has to be analysis and data collection. when you look at the map, the car sure companies don't even exist. there is a pronounced need for those of you came to the hearing, there is a level of dysfunction with services on the southernmost eastern part of our neighborhoods. >> we very much appreciate the point you're making and would be supportive of the mta and administrators office identifying locations and perhaps work our share is not currently available. we would urge the board to least forward this item to the full board because it lays the groundwork for those spots to exist in other places and it's about creating a framework for this pilot to take place. we would appreciate that
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consideration while completely understanding the concerns that have been raised. supervisor cohen: i appreciate that and want to impress upon my colleagues that i have become further resolved in my position that i don't want their recommendation made to the full board. i think it is our duty as a committee to sit out and work out the kinks. i understand this is a pilot program and i understand the nature of a pilot program is to figure out whether or not this program would actually work. it order to assess that, we need to make sure we are expanding and assessing every part of san francisco. where all gaps exist. supervisor mar: can i just ask if this could be delayed until there is more of a dialogue with supervisor: office -- supervisor cohen's office?
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could we delay this until we could talk about this? >> what we are asking the board to do is to set the actual spots selected by the mta board. we could have you move forward and the m.t.a. would take action august 2nd and can expand a pilot areas beyond what was rick -- what was originally given to us. we're fully comfortable testing in other parts of the city, but we were working under the agreement agreed to buy it city car share. >> we need to open up for public comment, but i'm open up -- open to moving it forward with our recommendation to allow time for communication and think about other potential pilot sites as well. thank you very much. if there is no other comments, let's open up for public
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comment. is there anyone from the public would like to speak? >> good afternoon. i'm going to speak on another item, but underserved areas are going to remain underserved unless all the stakeholders are brought to the table. i think this thing should stay in the committee myself because certain neighborhoods have been clearly neglected. get right, get people to come to the table, and then present it in the form of a pilot program. thank you very much. supervisor mar: thank you. is there anyone else from the public would like to speak? public, disclosed. supervisor wiener: i think it's an important point that there are two things here -- this is just creating the violation so mta can enforce the spots where they are. the mta has it within its
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discretion to pick the spot that i think the supervisor cohen is right and one of them should be in the southeast part of the city. if we put this forward and goes to the committee report tomorrow, the second reading would be after the next meeting of the mta board. i suspect that by 2:00 tomorrow, we'll have some sort of response from the mta in terms of a committed to at a spot in the southeast and we will know if the board has done that. my suggestion would be that we put this forward and i think we should do it with a recommendation because this is a really important policy. but if the mta for what ever reason, thumbs its nose at it -- at us, which i don't think it will, we could continue the item tomorrow or continue it at the second reading. that is my suggestions and i think there are two prongs to
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this. this is just the basic, saying we want mta to have this but i agree that mta will have to quickly evaluate the inclusion of the southeast. >> we're fully committed. we would actually like to see a bigger pilot than the one before you. we're happy to address richmond, the sunset and outlying areas because we would like to test the demand in those areas as well. that was a program we were initially starting to do, but because of this agreement, we focused on this area. supervisor wiener: how confident are you that we could expand a pilot to include a part in the southeast neighborhoods? >> very competent -- very confident. supervisor mar: is that acceptable and of commitment? it has been on the record, this commitment to include a southeast pilot site as well.
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that is what i have heard. my hope is that it can move forward positively, but i'm curious where you are at right now. colleagues, we have closed public comment. if there is no other comment, can we have a motion? supervisor wiener: i would move we forwarded to the board as a committee report tomorrow with a positive recommendation, of course with the understanding that of the mta will expand the scope of the pilot to include the southeastern locations. supervisor mar: this is to the full board. without objection? thank you. thank you, everyone. could you please call item no. 6. >> item #7? >> item #7. >> amending the planning code permitting video stores in the
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venture and outer clement never a commercial destroys and removing the prohibition on large fast-food restaurants and formulating pet stores and in the subdistrict. supervisor mar: we heard this last week in there were a lot of amendments that were on this. let me just say this is an important ordnance that means a lot to the richmond district. there are a number of small business leaders here who will be speaking to this issue. the gist of it is this would help revitalize the club and st. corridors, merchant corridors, and support strongly small businesses not just pet supply stores but small businesses in our unique cadavers' merchant corridors and the richmond district. it is strongly supported by a unanimous vote of the small business commission and would
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help businesses serving our neighborhood and assessed property owners and filling vacant france along the club meant areas as well. a number of people have worked very hard on this and i want to thank them for their work. from the planning department, in addition to community pokes and small-business leaders, some of them are here today and many others -- all want to acknowledge this is the project -- a product of many small businesses, especially those locally owned and neighborhoods serving and encouraging economic activity in the comment corridor. it also updates and modernizes the zoning controls established many decades ago in the richmond district and brings them more up to modern conditions.
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if you look at a map of the clement street inner and outer areas or the greater corridor, a lot of the current vacant storefronts would be impacted. this would help felt -- helped fill many by listing the overly restrictive regulations that were put in place years ago. it would also help serve commercial quarters by lessening environmental impacts and strengthen neighborhoods vitality, protect the deke character of our neighborhood and the first fabric of our small businesses. many people have testified from the small business commission to the planning commission which offered its support for the legislation as well, that we don't want suburban strip malls or a suburban strip mall culture within the richmond district. we want vibrant neighborhood- serving businesses. i also want to say that i shot that many of our smaller businesses, including the and be and i think the owners here today and i think the -- over
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the spread of formula retail big box stores like the current pet food express on california and others, that would harm many of the small businesses according to testimony at the other commissions as well. the modifications i introduced last time will help us move this forward with the strong suggestions of the planning commission staff and i want to say that one other issue that has come up is why don't we allow a conditional use process to proceed? i will just i have respect for the decisionmaking process of the planning commission but many small businesses that brought these suggestions to us -- we have crafted this legislation carefully out of the urgency of our small business sector and we need to protect our neighborhood now, and for the future as well.
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other comments made at the planning commission were important -- why didn't we go further and make it work comprehensive as an overall effort to look at other industries like the hardware stores or office supply stores and i will just say we did our best to make this a limited measure that could go further, but we look forward to working with the planning commissioners and others to look more carefully at how we protect the small business climate in all our neighborhoods. with that, i would like to introduce and mary rodgers from planning to brief us on this -- and mary e. rogers from planning to brief us on this and -- >> i did go over the recommendations in full last week and i'm happy to review them again this week. to summarize, they supported
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nearly all of the recommended modifications and the content of the ordinance, but for the prohibition on formula retail, that was the only area where they read -- or the difference -- where they differed. this supports the restaurant controls and is more easy on restaurants. it should take less process to get a restaurant when this passes. as well as the other changes which were more minor, but a few of the questions, happy to review the recommendations in full. supervisor mar: i also want to acknowledge that the small business commission is here as well. did you want to address the committee? >> good afternoon. i does want to reaffirm the commission's position on this
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and that the commission also tends to defer to district supervisors direction on specific zoning controls such as this. we do think that there are many other opportunities we would like to explore with the planning department in how we look at our large retail spaces. supervisor mar: thank you very much. if there are no other comments from colleagues, let's open this for public comment. i do not have -- if people could just lineup -- we are limiting this to 2 minutes per person. please come forward if you'd like to speak. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm here representing the san francisco green party and the local grassroots organization which got its start in 2004 fighting for miller retail. -- a formula retail.
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both organizations want to stand in strong of the retail protections in your legislation because this is crucial. i was born and raised in california but i also spent a lot of time in the midwest, where there are no such restrictions. living in a midwest town without those restrictions is like being inside the mall in the movie "dawn of the dead." it's not a fun way to live that we don't want that to happen to the richmond. let's remind ourselves that whenever you get a big chain coming to any city, 40% of the money that chain brings italy leaves the city. that is not good for anybody in the city. we need to minimize that. s -- anytime that change -- any money it chain brings in leaves the city. we're glad that we won
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conditional use hearings and that helps, but when you have a big box like pet food express or pat the dough that can try one location -- pasco that can try it one location and at baseball margin and volunteer activist pour their blood, sweat and tears, the big box can just go to california and had us with that and getting that blood sweat and tears to happen again is very difficult. whenever we have an opportunity like this to set aside an entire area and say this is off limits so we don't have to fight side by side every time, we can't do it. we cannot fight against big boxes on that train on an even footing. [tone] supervisor mar: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for your time.
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as small business owners, we do not have lobbyists here. we don't have lawyers here. we do not have production companies that put up videos showing all the different opinions. we have to take time out of our day to reschedule our staff, we have to put off vendor inquiries and a lot of the vendor inquiries we get is from other small vendors that come in and ask us to put on consignment their goods and services, which creates another form of small business trying to come into help. small business or a vendor that comes in cannot go to any of the large businesses and say will you look at my product and get a shot. all lot of us have that happening all the time. generally, the small business community is not afraid of
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competition. if it was on a level playing field. we in society, we would not put a 140 pound boxer in the ring with a 280 pound boxer. it's just not fair and we're the 140 pound boxer. petco is someone who out ways as in so many different ways. the store on 18th street is an excellent location to put another store that is the verse from pet foods that the community -- diverse from pet foods that the community can use and enjoy in a different way. there are plenty of pet stores in the area to service the existing community. we have been there for years and years and -- as other communities have, and we don't feel it's correct for a big bucks to come in and approached the hard work we have had to service our customers. [tone]
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supervisor mar: i just wanted to add that there is a pet supply store within a couple blocks from this site and there is also pets' corner and drew's canine corner and those are the ones they're just the closest. there are a number of others as well. >> it good afternoon, supervisors. i work with jefferies natural pet foods in the castro district. we have two stores. i wanted to speak a little bit about our experiences to what makes a small pet food store different from a big box chain and how we can serve our customers in different ways and how we would like to be able to continue doing this despite large corporate competition.
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we knew dogs that come in by name and we the people who come in by name. we know it may have special needs and allergies, we know when they need certain products ordered for them. we also deliver. we do a lot for our customers. most of that is to create a community atmosphere that is a neighborhood by neighborhood and that does contribute to the uniqueness of all of san francisco. i hope you consider that an thank you very much for your time. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i also work for jefferies natural pet food and by work at both locations. i come from a background of retail where have worked for big box stores. i have worked for both home
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depot and petsmart. one of the things that stood out in my memory is that at monthly store meetings, where we would hook up across the nation with other stores, one of the ways we closed each meeting was counting down how many mom-and- pop stores we close down each month. that has always stood out in my mind. while i have been living in san francisco and i took a job with jefferies, the one thing that was tantamount to my mind is that we were part of the community and we know most of our customers by name. we know their animals and we know their needs and we know each other. we are part of each other's community. that's something i would hate to see us lose by allowing the big boxes to command. thank you.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the owner of a natural pet food store in two locations and about to open a huge manufacturing facility in san francisco and i would like to encourage the legislation so we can keep our stores going and keep the small pet stores going. we all have a special relationship and we cater to everyone in the bay area. we deliver five days a week and there's no reason we could not help any customer that could not get to a store. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. a month ago, we opened a pet store -- a little background --
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since we're building a pet store, i was in management and decided to pursue my dream of owning a small store. in our research to open a pet store in our neighborhood coppola we researched all the stores in san francisco and the bay area trying to find a good location, not just for san francisco the whole area and we narrowed it down to our whole location. the only research we did not do was if there is going to be a big box score coming into the neighborhood. we knew they were determined to come in and we would definitely not have opened in that neighborhood. it may deter a small city in general because of one comes in, they will keep coming in. that would affect our decision we were both born and raised in

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